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This Cookin' Dad
Father's Day 2014

Celebrating Father’s Day

“Dad”, “Daddy”, “Father”, “Pop”…it doesn’t matter what you call him.  When that word comes up, you get a certain image in your mind.  It could be good, but not always. When we think of our mothers, we, for the most part, have kind of the same thoughts.  Loving, nurturing, protective, always there.  These are just […]

Memorial Day 2014-1

Honoring the Fallen

In our home, I wouldn’t say that we celebrate Memorial Day so much as we observe it. No special fanfare.  No massive barbecues or hours spent poolside welcoming the official start of summer.  For me, it is a pretty somber day.  I am honoring my fallen brothers.  Each year, my family sets out flags in […]

four roses bourbon, bbq sauce

Maple Bourbon BBQ Sauce

Thanks to Four Roses Bourbon for making this post possible.  All recipes, thoughts, and opinions are my own. There’s something about grilling that just makes you feel like a dad, isn’t there?  Take meat, apply fire, singe knuckles…it just conjures up memories of childhood and watching dad man the grill.  “Someday, you’ll do this for […]

Tulips in DC-8

Tulips in DC

Springtime in Washington, DC is known for it beautiful flora.  People work year round to plant and maintain flowers, trees, and shrubs for the amazing spring blooms.  The Cherry Blossom Festival draws thousands into the district each year.  A couple of weekends ago, we took the family up for a trip just at the tail […]

Snow Tree

Bad Winter…Great Summer Meals!

Over the past few weeks, I have heard people again and again bemoaning the “awful”, “hard”, “terrible” winter that we’ve had.  Personally, I’m loving every minute of it! Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had a pretty messy winter.  Our kids have missed 16 days of school because of it!  All said, though, it hasn’t been […]