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Food Blog Forum-16

Food Blog Forum in Asheville, NC

Last week, I found myself in Asheville, NC to attend Food Blog Forum, a conference designed to bring food bloggers together to grow skills and build community.  Since the blogosphere is entirely online, I love to attend these conferences for the chance to meet up with fellow bloggers in real life and put faces with […]

Watermelon Caprese Salad-3

Capturing Your Restaurant Meal in the Dark

Say you are out late with some friends, you stop in at a nice restaurant for drinks and appetizers.  You are just out having fun, but when that appetizer comes out, you are immediately stunned.  You have to capture that image, but with it being dark outside and the restaurant dimly lit, there is no […]


Finding a Lesson in Robin Williams’ Life and Death

From all accounts, it appears that, yesterday, Robin Williams took his own life. His legacy will be well remembered in his films and by the millions of people touched by his roles.  His comedic genius will be missed.  Rather than focus on remembering the joy that he brought to so many, however, I feel compelled […]

Peaches 2014-1

Peachy Summer Days

Typically, our Saturdays are pretty booked up during the summer.  If we aren’t out on vacation or visiting grandparents, we are trying to catch up on housework and yardwork that we didn’t get to while we were on vacation or visiting the grandparents.  With three little ones, there’s always something to pick up! This past […]

Father's Day 2014

Celebrating Father’s Day

“Dad”, “Daddy”, “Father”, “Pop”…it doesn’t matter what you call him.  When that word comes up, you get a certain image in your mind.  It could be good, but not always. When we think of our mothers, we, for the most part, have kind of the same thoughts.  Loving, nurturing, protective, always there.  These are just […]